Welcome to Hellesøy Verft

Situated at the beautiful Hardanger Fjord of Norway, Løfallstrand is a great place to live and to build ships.

From the first small wooden boat in 1945 to the modern fishing and offshore vessels today, Hellesøy Verft, member of Norske Skipsverft, has continually evolved and modernized, focusing on quality workmanship and a lean and flexible organization.

At Løfallstrand we can outfit ships up to 115m. We normally buy the ship design from one of the leading Norwegian ship consultants, like Wärtsilä Ship Design and buy the hull from low-cost countries. We have a core crew of 16 employees, and an excellent network of subcontractors and specialists in Norway and abroad that allows us to increase capacity to 200 persons on demand.


The layout at Hellesøy Verft is very compact and efficient with short walking distances.

Hellesøy Verft is an outfitting yard that will normally handle the main shipbuilding contract, buy the hull elsewhere, and coordinate the project and outfit the vessel at our pier. Typical ship sizes are LOA=20-90m, but we have outfitted ships with LOA up to 115 m.

During the most busy outfitting periods, our infrastructure has handled a total workforce of 250 persons (permanent and project crew + subcontractors and specialists).


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Latest news
Ingen fast-telefon 27/12-16
Hellesøy Verft er for øyeblikket uten fungerende telefonlinjer. Årsaken er å finne i uværet
Ny kontrakt til Hellesøy Verft AS
Hellesøy Verft AS har fått ordre på ombyggjing av offshore fartøyet «Ocean Response» for rederiet Atlantic Offshore på Ågotnes. Skipet er nybygg frå 2012-13 og skal i løpet av ombyggingsperioden ved Hellesøy Verft få utvida kapasitet til oljevernberedskap og montert spesialutstyr for NOFO 2009 oljeoppsamling.
Contract for new building
Hellesøy Verft AS has entered into contract with FMC BioPolymer AS in Norway for the construction of one Seaweed Harvest Vessel (SHV) with option agreement for additional 3 vessels.
Ingen e-post / nett-tilgang 9/6-16
Vår leverandør av fiber utfører omfattende vedlikehold i dag, 9/6-16. Dette medfører at vi ikke får lest epost etc før i morgen, 10/6-16. Ring oss gjerne.
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