About us

With a strong reputation for quality work, Hellesøy verft contributes to the maritime industry's journey towards a greener and more sustainable future through deliveries of unique fully electric workboats of own design, as well as climate and environmentally friendly conversions and upgrades of existing vessels.

Through a history dating back to 1945, we have secured a solid track record in modern and advanced shipbuilding. This experience forms the basis for the products and services we offer today, and by combining our expertise with compact shipyard facilities and a streamlined organization, we ensure efficient and competitive project implementation.


At Stykkje, on the farm Sætre, Thorvald Hellesøy started building boats in 1945. Since then, the Hellesøy family has kept up with just that. Following the Second World War most resources were scarce, but not wood materials! The forests in Kvinnherad and Hardanger provided an excellent stock. The first years were marked by some newbuilds and a good number of repairs of the war-torn fishing fleet.


Build number 1: Eva

Vessel type: Fishing boat
Shipowner/end user: Oscar Kammetun, Askvoll
Length: 26 feet
Hull type: Wood, from Herand in Jondal

1960 marked a turning point for the yard. In the five years following 1960, Hellesøy delivered seven fishing vessels, from 56 to 90 feet. Six of the newbuilds went to Sweden and one to Ireland. Hellesøy had approx. 20 men at work during the period.


Building number 61: New Faithful

Boat type: Fishing vessel
Shipowner / end user: Emil Wellman, Reipå
Length: 54 feet
Hull type: Wood, from Herand in Jondal

Building number 88: Green Eagle

Boat type: Trawler
Shipowner / end user: Patrick O’Driscoll, Ireland
Length: 74 feet
Hull type: Wood, built at Løfallstrand

Bilete av linebåten Odd Gjendem

Building number 89: Odd Gjendem

Boat type: Line fishing vessel
Shipowner / end user: Einar & Jostein Gjendem, Vigra
Length: 95 feet
Hull type: Steel, built at Løfallstrand

After the wooden boat market languished, Hellesøy started building steel hulls. Building no. 89, Odd Gjendem, became the first of a total of six line fishing vessels in steel, from 80 to 110 feet. These were built in the construction hall at Løfallstrand. Eventually, as the market constantly requested larger vessels, this hall was too small. Thus, building no. 94, Arne Tiselius, became the last steel hull constructed at the yard at Løfallstrand. The vessel was delivered as a research vessel to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Bilde av lastebåten Lysholmen

Building number 104: Lysholmen

Boat type: Cargo vessel
Shipowner / end user: Lys-Line, Oslo
Length: 78.5 meters
Hull type: Steel, built by Hellesøy at Årsnes.

Building number 105: Polar King

Boat type: Seismic vessel
Shipowner / end user: Rieber Shipping, Bergen
Length: 69 meters
Hull type: Steel, built by Salthammar at Vestnes


Building number 106: Hardangerfjord

Boat type: Freight liner
Shipowner / end user: HSD, Bergen
Length: 52 meters
Hull type: Steel, built by Hellesøy at Årsnes

Building number 107: Jagima

Boat type: Standby Safety Vessel
Shipowner / end user: Jahre, Sandefjord
Length: 40 meters
Hull type: Steel, built by Salthammar at Vestnes


Building number 121: Ann Mari

Boat type: Container ship
Shipowner / end user: A.B. Lillgaard, Ålesund
Length: 114.3 meters
Hull type: Steel, built by Nordfjord Skipsindustri

Building number 122: Seisquest

Boat type: Seismic vessel
Shipowner / end user: E. Forland, Bergen
Length: 83.2 meters
Hull type: Steel, from Waterhuizen Holland


Building number 127: Veronica

Boat type: Freezer trawler
Shipowner / end user: Kevin McHugh, Ireland
Length: 91.3 meters
Hull type: Steel, from Sterkoder in Kristiansund

Building number 134: Olympic Poseidon

Boat type: AH-Tug Supply Vessel
Shipowner / end user: Olympic Shipping, Forsnavåg
Length: 79.8 meters
Hull type: Steel, from Nordfjord Skipsindustri


Building number 135: Northern Admiral

Boat type: Multifunc. Tug Supply
Shipowner / end user: Trico Supply, Fosnavåg
Length: 83.3 meters
Hull type: Steel, from Nordfjord Skipsindustri

Building number 151: Ligrunn

Boat type: Purse seiner/trawler
Shipowner / end user: Liegruppen fiskeri, Straume
Length: 64 meters
Hull type: Steel, from Lithuania


Building number 152: Siem Symphony

Boat type: PSV DF (LNG)
Shipowner / end user: Siem Offshore, Kristiansand
Length: 89.2 m meters
Hull type: Steel, from Poland

Building number 153: Taresund

Boat type: Kelp trawler
Shipowner / end user: FMC BioPolymer, Vormedal
Length: 17.1 m meters
Hull type: Steel, from Turkey


Hellesøy’s delivery no. 155 is a new and important milestone. With this vessel, Hellesøy presents its own design, even with an all-electric propulsion machinery. Hellesøy once again demonstrates adaptability and willingness to tailor products in line with the customer’s needs.


Building number 155: Hovedøya II

Boat type: Electric workboat
Shipowner / end user: Agency for urban development, the City of Oslo
Length: 20 meters
Hull type: Steel, from Haugesund